Junior Naturalist Program 2017

Our Junior Naturalist program inspires kids to work together as a team under the guidance of Nature Center naturalists. Each team chooses a "research" topic and then works closely with our staff to conduct their own biological field project. Junior Naturalists will be introduced to the scientific method and its practical applications. They will learn how to develop hypotheses, make predictions, test their hypotheses and compare their results with that of other groups. These young biologists will learn how to observe nature, record data, run simple statistical tests and discuss their outcomes. Each group will then work with our staff to create a professional scientific poster which will be presented to our staff, visitors and volunteers at our end of season picnic.

This program teaches kids to take charge of their own involvement in the program while building important life skills such as self-confidence, critical thinking, public interaction, and project commitment. The skills these students learn throughout the duration of their project have the potential to impact their understanding of the natural world and their attention to detail. 

Each project will be assigned to two to three students who will work together with the assistance of a naturalist. The program requires at least a once a week, two hour commitment as well as involvement during the volunteer picnic at the end of the summer. Additional participation is certainly welcome and will only enhance the results of their projects. 

This is a free program offered by the Sunriver Nature Center.

Open to ages 7 to 12. Groups will be formed of similarly aged students. 

You may e-mail Kody Osborne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 541.593.4394 for additional information and application packets. 

All applications must be received by June 2nd, 2017.