Ponderosa Pine Planting Guide


1. Be careful not to let the roots dry out or freeze -- plant soon (and store in a shady place).

2. Select a site in an appropriate location: full to part sun, where the tree can grow.

3. Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball, then fill the hole with water and wait a couple of minutes for absorption. This is a crucial step in fall season planting when soil is very dry.

4. Mix some organic matter or compost with native soil for back fill if you can. Loosen roots slightly if compacted and tangled to encourage the roots to spread down & out.

5. Adjust the height of the seedling as you back fill the hole, packing soil mixture firmly.

6. To maximize water absorption, build a 'donut' of soil around the perimeter of the hole.

7. Soak thoroughly. Protect planted seedling from pets, children playing, etc. (a rock or stake will work).

8. Water deeply every few weeks during the summer and fall for the first two years.

9. Keep grasses and bitterbrush from encroaching and stealing water and nutrients.

10. Be patient for the first few years. Ponderosa Pines can grow 6- 12 " a year, once their roots get established.

11. Consider involving your child or grandchild, and capture a photo to document this special event.